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The vision of the Robotics, Evolution and Art Lab (REAL) is to do research at the border between fiction and fact, to create new, feasible scenarios for the society of tomorrow. The lab has an interdisciplinary experimental practice. The lab will conceptually explore what-if scenarios with artistic projects as well as conduct fundamental science and engineering to work towards realization of these scenarios. Academically, the group is rooted in the arts, robotics, artificial life and evolutionary computation, but generally the research agenda is driven by opportunities arising both within the science and art & design communities.



  • Through art explore new potentialities emerging from the development of science and technology
  • Develop commercially viable products and solutions
  • Develop human-in-the-loop design methodologies based on artificial evolution and artificial intelligence
  • Develop technology that enables new applications of robotics typically with a focus on empowerment and accessibility

REAL currently has 12 staff.

Follow this link for further information on REAL projects and activities.

the flora robotica team at ITU

Kasper Stoy

Kasper is Principle Investigator

Sebastian Risi
Associate Professor
Co-Principal Investigator

Sebastian is a project director

Stig Anton Nielsen
Post-doc Researcher
Co-Principal Investigator

Stig’s focus is development of computational hardware and software applications for robotics

Mathias Schmidt
Research Assistant

Braiding robots and cloud computing


Thomas Charles Rohleder
Student programmer

Social garden and cloud computing

Frank Veenstra
PhD Candidate

Frank’s focus is evolutionary robotics

Andrés Faiña

(04.2015 – 04.2016)