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FloraRobotica | UzL
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In the Service Robotics Group of the University of Lübeck we are developing innovative methods to govern the ever increasing complexity of engineered systems. Novel applications of tools from physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology help us to develop new design strategies for self-organizing systems.

The work of our group covers a broad range of research from practical robot experiments to theoretical approaches. In recent work we have done large-scale robot experiments with up to 100 robots and we are working on methods to simplify the programming of controllers for swarm robots.

Based on our experience in swarm intelligence we plan to develop appropriate methods to model and control the flora robotica system.


Follow this link for further information on the Service Robotics Group’s projects and activities.

the flora robotica team at UzL

Heiko Hamann

Heiko is Principle Investigator
& Project Co-ordinator

Mostafa Wahby
PhD Researcher

Mostafa’s focus is robot control and experiment design


Mohammad Divband Soorati
PhD Researcher

Mohammad’s focus is evolutionary robotics